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Cisco A900-IMA2F= - Interface Module

MPN: A900-IMA2F=
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Tech Overview

Cisco Part Number: A900-IMA2F= is a Cisco ASR 900 2 port 40GE QSFP Interface Module, Spare

The Cisco ASR 900 Series is a game-changer in the realm of access network infrastructure, offering a robust solution to overcome the limitations of legacy technologies like PDH, SONET, and SDH. By transitioning to a packet-based architecture, organizations can break free from the constraints of circuit-switched transport networks and embrace a future-ready approach to networking. With its modular design and protocol-independent fabric architecture, the ASR 900 Series provides a cost-effective pathway for modernization, enabling seamless integration with existing systems while paving the way for enhanced scalability and agility.

At the core of the ASR 900 Series' appeal is its unparalleled scalability, facilitated by advanced technologies such as Circuit Emulation (CEM) and Optical Transport Network (OTN) capabilities. This empowers organizations to expand their network infrastructure without limitations, accommodating growing demands and evolving business requirements effortlessly. Furthermore, the ASR 900 Series is designed to support a diverse range of services, including Carrier Ethernet business services, ensuring that organizations can deliver high-quality connectivity solutions to meet the demands of their customers effectively.

The resilience and reliability of the ASR 900 Series' packet-based network architecture further reinforce its appeal. Leveraging Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS)/FlexLSP technology, it provides redundancy and protection mechanisms that safeguard critical data and ensure uninterrupted operations, even in the face of network disruptions. In essence, the Cisco ASR 900 Series represents a transformative shift in access network infrastructure, offering organizations the opportunity to embrace a future-proof networking solution that can adapt and thrive in the dynamic landscape of modern networking environments.

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