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Cisco C1100TG-1N24P32A - Terminal Services Gateway

MPN: C1100TG-1N24P32A
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Tech Overview

Cisco Part Number: C1100TG-1N24P32A is a Cisco 1100 Terminal Services Gateway w/ 32 Async,24-layer 2 switch Port, 1 NIM with support for 4G DRAM

The Cisco 1100 Terminal Services Gateway (C1100 TSG) is a compact, high-density device powered by Cisco IOS XE Software, designed for secure remote management of various networking, computing, Internet of Things (IoT), and other devices. It offers a combination of Layer 2 switching, comprehensive security features, and the ability to integrate both wired and wireless WAN connections, including LTE Advanced 3.0, into a single rack unit.

With support for RADIUS or TACACS, the C1100 TSG ensures secure authentication for remote users accessing resources on an internal corporate or private network from devices connected to the internet. Cloud service providers can deploy the C1100 TSG in data centers to establish secure connectivity to terminal servers, computers, IoT devices, and other networking equipment within the internal network or behind a firewall.

Additionally, the gateway provides robust security features such as the Cisco IOS Firewall, IPsec, and Network Address Translation (NAT), offering protection to all connected devices. It supports centralized and remote management through web-based tools and Cisco IOS XE Software, providing full visibility and control over network configurations at remote sites.

Available in three models, namely the C1100TG-1N24P32A (with 4GB and 8GB DRAM variants) and C1100TG-1N32A, the Cisco 1100 TSG offers versatility to meet various deployment needs. The base hardware includes up to 32 RS-232-based asynchronous ports, each capable of operating at speeds of up to 230 Kbps. Additionally, the C1100TG-1N24P32A model features a 24-port Layer 2 Gigabit Ethernet switch.

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