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Cisco C1FPCAT29001K9 - Software License

Brand: Cisco MPN: C1FPCAT29001K9
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One Foundation, License, 24 Ports, For P/N: C1-C2960X-24Td-L, Ws-C2960Cx-8Pcl++, Ws-C2960Cx


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Tech overview

Cisco Part Number: C1FPCAT29001K9

C1FPCAT29001K9: Unleashing the Powerhouse Within Your Cisco Network

The C1FPCAT29001K9 isn’t just a software license, it’s a secret key that unlocks the hidden potential of your Cisco network infrastructure. Imagine transforming your reliable workhorse into a high-performance, feature-rich champion, ready to handle any challenge with ease and efficiency. Think of it as giving your network access to enchanted armor, a dragon-forged blade, and a map to a hidden realm of network prowess.

Here’s what this hidden upgrade unlocks:

  • Unmatched Performance: Move beyond basic bandwidth limitations and hello to Tier 2 bandwidth. Handle high data volumes with ease, optimize application performance, and say goodbye to network bottlenecks. This upgrade ensures your network scales seamlessly alongside your business growth.
  • Advanced Security Features: Fortify your digital walls with next-generation security tools like IDS/IPS, advanced anti-malware, and sophisticated URL filtering. No malicious actor will stand a chance against your defenses.
  • Granular Visibility and Control: Gain laser-sharp insights into your network traffic with detailed reporting and analytics. Identify anomalies, prioritize critical applications, and optimize data flow with surgical precision. You’ll become the network architect, shaping traffic flow with unmatched control.
  • Micromanage Security Policies: Tailor your defenses to your specific needs. Define custom security policies for different users, devices, and applications. Block unwanted websites, enforce compliance regulations, and protect sensitive data with granular control. No corner of your network will be left unmonitored.
  • Effortless Management and Integration: Manage your entire network from anywhere with the Meraki cloud dashboard. Configure, monitor, and troubleshoot with ease, and enjoy seamless integration with your existing Cisco infrastructure. Your network becomes your loyal companion, always ready to serve your needs.

The C1FPCAT29001K9 is ideal for:

  • Growing businesses with demanding network requirements: This upgrade scales with your needs, ensuring your network adapts as your business expands.
  • Organizations with complex network configurations: Handle intricate setups and optimize performance for diverse needs with ease.
  • Security-conscious IT teams: Proactive security professionals appreciate granular control, advanced features, and centralized management. This upgrade gives you the power to tailor your security posture, respond to threats swiftly, and maintain complete control.
  • Anyone seeking a cost-effective way to boost their network performance and security: This upgrade offers significant value, unlocking advanced features and capabilities, ultimately saving you from costly security breaches and downtime.

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