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Cisco C9500X-FAN-1U-F - Cooling System Part

MPN: C9500X-FAN-1U-F
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Tech Overview

Cisco Part Number: C9500X-FAN-1U-F is a Cisco Catalyst 9500X back to front cooling fan

The Cisco Catalyst 9500X Series switch supports field-replaceable, variable-speed modular fans with default front-to-back airflow. It also supports fan modules with back-to-front airflow. These fan units support Online Insertion and Removal (OIR) for up to 120 seconds. The fan unit is responsible for cooling the entire chassis and interfacing with environmental monitors to trigger alarms when conditions exceed thresholds.

Six individual fan modules are available. The switch can operate with five operational fans and one nonfunctional fan. Any failed fan should be replaced as soon as possible to avoid service interruption due to a second fan fault.

For the switch to boot-up, ensure the following conditions are met.

  • the switches using C9500X-FAN-1U-R or C9500X-FAN-1U-F modules must at a minimum have 5 fans operating normally

If the switch fails to meet the minimum number of required fans, the switch shuts down automatically to prevent the system from overheating.

Part Number

Supported Switches





  • Each switch contains six field-replaceable fans with variable-speed operating in N+1 redundancy mode.

  • Provides support for front-to-back airflow and back-to-front airflow fans. By default, the switch provides front-to-back airflow fan.

Note the following usage guidelines:

  • -R in the part number indicates reverse airflow (front-to-back) and -F indicates forward airflow (back-to-front).

  • All the fan modules used in the switch must have the same airflow direction.

  • To change the airflow direction in the unit, ensure that you change all the fan modules to the same type of airflow support. For example, to change to forward airflow, replace all the six fans with C9500X-FAN-1U-F. After replacing all the fan modules, power cycle the unit manually.


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