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Cisco CON-SSSNT-IR18339K Solution Support (SSPT) - Warranty & Support Extension

Brand: Cisco MPN: CON-SSSNT-IR18339K
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SOLN SUPP 8X5XNBD Cisco Catalyst IR1833 Rugged Series Router


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Tech overview

Service Description: CON-SSSNT-IR18339K is SOLN SUPP 8X5XNBD Cisco Catalyst IR1833 Rugged Series Rout

Service for: IR1833-K9

Obtain the precise technical assistance you need for your diverse range of products and various vendor solutions with Cisco Solution Support. A dedicated Cisco contact person will focus on your entire deployment, encompassing both Cisco and Solution Support Alliance Partners’ software and hardware components.

With CON-SSSNT-IR18339K Solution Support you get continuity of service from first call to resolution from a Cisco architecture expert who is accountable for your case no matter where the issue resides—with Cisco or Solution Support Alliance Partner products.

Leveraging their extensive knowledge of products, architecture, and interoperability, Cisco is equipped to swiftly address your concerns either by directly resolving the issue or actively overseeing your case. This includes coordinating support teams, both internal and external to Cisco, and taking full responsibility from the initial call through to resolution, regardless of where the issues may arise.

Experience the benefits of saving both time and money. Cisco multi product, multi vendor issue resolution is, on average, 44% faster compared to standard product support.

How CON-SSSNT-IR18339K service works

Solution Support integrates solution-level assistance with Cisco product support, specifically Cisco Smart Net Total Care or Software Support, into a single service offering. To benefit from this service, you should procure Solution Support for each of your Cisco software and hardware products deployed in your network.

When you encounter a challenge, you can easily reach out to us for assistance, regardless of whether the issue is ultimately linked to one of our products or arises from a Solution Support Alliance Partner. In fact, you can reach out to our experts with any questions pertaining to your deployment. Our team will collaborate with you to provide answers to your inquiries, identify and resolve issues, and take responsibility for your case from the initial contact through to resolution.

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