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Cisco GLC-FE-100BX-D - SFP Transceiver

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Tech Overview

Cisco Part Number: GLC-FE-100BX-D is a Cisco 100BASE-BX10-D SFP for Fast Ethernet SFP Ports

The Cisco 100BASE-X Small Form-Factor Pluggable (SFP) device, is an input/output device designed for Fast Ethernet ports, dual-rate Fast/Gigabit Ethernet ports, or Gigabit Ethernet ports of a Cisco switch or router. It establishes a connection between the port and the fiber cabling network.

Key features include:

  • Hot-swappable deployment: The device can be inserted or removed without rebooting the switch or router.
  • "Pay-as-you-populate" model support: Flexibility in adding SFPs according to requirements.
  • Interchangeability: Can be swapped with other 100BASE-X SFPs on the same line card.
  • Cisco quality ID feature: Enables the switch or router to recognize if the SFP is a Cisco qualified SFP.
  • Optical interoperability: Works seamlessly with corresponding 100BASE-X Ethernet interfaces on the same link.

Cisco 100BASE-BX10 SFP

The Cisco 100BASE-BX10 (part numbers GLC-FE-100BX-D and GLC-FE-100BX-U) SFPs operate on ordinary SMF single-strand link spans up to 10 km long. A 100BASE-BX10-D device is always connected a 100BASE-BX10-U device with a single strand of standard SMF with an operating transmission range up to 10 km. The communication over a single strand of fiber is achieved by separating the transmission wavelength of the two devices. 100BASE-BX10-D transmits a 1550-nm channel and receives a 1310-nm signal, whereas a 100BASE-BX10-U transmits a 1310-nm wavelength and receives a 1550-nm signal.

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