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BRAND: Cisco

Cisco L-LIC-CTIOS-1A - Software License

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Tech Overview

Cisco Part Number: L-LIC-CTIOS-1A

L-LIC-CTIOS-1A: Cisco Umbrella Remote Browser Isolation Access Point Adder License

The L-LIC-CTIOS-1A is a Cisco Umbrella Remote Browser Isolation (RBI) subscription license that adds additional access points (APs) to your existing RBI deployment. This license allows you to extend the protection of RBI to more devices and users within your network.

Key Features:

  • Add APs to your existing RBI deployment: This license scales your RBI solution to accommodate additional devices and users, ensuring comprehensive protection for your entire network.
  • Isolate web browsing sessions: All web traffic is routed through a secure cloud sandbox, preventing malware, phishing attacks, and other online threats from reaching your endpoints.
  • Protect against zero-day attacks: Even previously unknown threats are blocked by the RBI cloud environment, ensuring continuous protection for your network.
  • Enhance user productivity: Users can access all websites and web applications safely, without restrictions or performance limitations.
  • Reduce administrative overhead: Adding APs with L-LIC-CTIOS-1A is easy and requires minimal configuration, simplifying RBI management.
  • Integrate with existing security solutions: L-LIC-CTIOS-1A integrates seamlessly with your existing Cisco Umbrella and other security solutions, providing a layered defense against cyber threats.


  • Extended protection: Expands the reach of RBI to more devices and users, ensuring comprehensive network security.
  • Enhanced security posture: L-LIC-CTIOS-1A strengthens your cyber defense by isolating web browsing sessions and preventing malicious content from reaching your endpoints.
  • Reduced risk of data breaches: By isolating web browsing sessions, RBI prevents attackers from stealing sensitive data or compromising your systems.
  • Increased user productivity: Users can work safely and efficiently without worrying about online threats, boosting overall productivity.
  • Simplified management: Adding APs with L-LIC-CTIOS-1A is straightforward and requires minimal configuration, reducing administrative overhead.
  • Cost-effective scaling: L-LIC-CTIOS-1A allows you to scale your RBI solution cost-effectively as your network grows.

Ideal for:

  • Organizations needing to extend RBI protection to more devices and users.
  • Businesses with growing networks requiring scalable security solutions.
  • Companies seeking to enhance user productivity and reduce security risks.
  • Organizations looking for a cost-effective way to scale their RBI deployments.

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