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BRAND: Cisco Meraki

Cisco Meraki LIC-MS450-12-10YR - Software License

MPN: LIC-MS450-12-10YR
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Tech Overview

Software Subscription: LIC-MS450-12-10YR is a Cisco Meraki MS450-12 Enterprise License and Support, 10 Years

Subscription for: Meraki MS450-12

Cisco Meraki's per-device licensing model provides customers with the flexibility to assign licences directly to specific devices or networks. This allows IT teams to manage shared or individual expiration dates across devices, networks, or organisations, tailoring it to your business needs.

Per-device licence LIC-MS450-12-10YR, offers several key features and benefits:

  • Individual Device Licensing: Assign licence to specific devices or networks, such as MR, MS, MX, MV, MG, or in the case of vMX and SM licences, a network. Maintain either shared or separate expiration dates based on your requirements.
  • Partial Renewals: Renew all devices or a selected subset, giving you control and flexibility over your licensing.
  • Licence Mobility: Easily move licences (including devices) between different organisations without needing Meraki support. This functionality is accessible through the dashboard and APIs.
  • 90-Day Activation Window: You have up to 90 days to claim and assign your licences before they become active. This extended period allows for efficient deployment.
  • API Integration: Leverage APIs for claiming, assigning, and moving licences, enabling automation and integration with other systems.
  • Individual Device Management: If a licence expires on a device, Meraki will only shut down that specific device or product after a 30-day grace period.

LIC-MS450-12-10YR Licence True-Ups (Shared Expiration Date)

For customers aiming to synchronise expiration dates across devices with varying expiration dates, one-day licence SKUs are available. These SKUs can be applied to adjust expiration dates to match or extend the furthest expiration date among devices.

For instance, if a customer has two devices, one expiring on January 1, 2020, and another on January 31, 2020, they can purchase (30) one-day SKUs to align the first device's expiration with the latter.

It's important to note that licence time cannot be split and applied across multiple devices. For instance, if a customer has an additional one-year licence and 12 devices, they can only apply it to one device, not distribute it for one month across 12 devices.

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